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Chapter 1: Envisioning the Future of M&As and JVs

Topics Covered

  1. Unfolding the GPS Paradigm
  2. Ground Intelligence
  3. Unconventional Partnerships
  4. Strategic Solutions
  5. GPS Paradigm and Technology
  6. M&As and JVs Compared – A Closer Look at Growth Strategies
  7. The GPS Paradigm: Tailor-Made at Growth – Whether M&As and JVs

In a 2010 media interview, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of his celebrated book Future Shock, Alvin Toffler made a very incisive observation:

In the past, you made a decision and that was it. Now, you make a decision, and you say, “What happens next? There’s always a next.

This Toffler quote aptly sums up the world we are living in, a world of ceaseless change and infinite possibilities. The premise of his book Future Shock – that precipitous and rapid change tends to disorient people has become more relevant than ever before, given the far-reaching impact caused by the protracted COVID-19 pandemic. Toffler was equally prophetic in another epic work, Third Wave, where he exposed the fundamental flaw of building a new structure from scratch without grasping the deep-rooted upheavals of phenomenal disruptions.

Toffler’s Third Wave observation applies in toto to the digital revolution that is way more elusive than what meets the eye. Any generalization or sweeping suppositions would be rendered futile in a forgone conclusion-such is the speed, velocity, and acceleration of this fourth wave of unprecedented change and transformation. Its magnitude and density are yet unknown, what’s known though is the acute need for a highly collaborative and integrated effort of key business stakeholders to script measurable and sustainable success stories in a foggy environment marked by unnerving uncertainty.

The coming age, beyond doubt, will be replete with global uncertainties, rapid technological breakthroughs, and successive paradigm shifts rooted in disruptive innovation. The impending wave of unprecedented change and transformation is unnerving, to say the least.

Going forward, business stakeholders – both established and emerging-will have to necessarily go deep to secure ground intelligence and strike unconventional partnerships and create potent collaborations for developing strategic solutions in the respective spheres and sectors.

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