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Chapter 4: Unleashing the M&A Force

Topics Covered

  1. Ground Intelligence for M&A
  2. Unconventional Partnerships in M&A
  3. Strategic Solutions for M&As
  4. GPS Paradigm in Practice for M&As
  5. GPS Paradigm Triumphs: Sterling Examples of Leading Tech-Giants

Unlocking and unleashing the M&A potential, as I see it, calls for an exclusive approach that does not end with the mere professionalization of M&As or its acceptance as a key business strategy. In fact, there is no one formula or silver bullet strategy that can been identified as the key driver for any M&As in future. As mentioned earlier, the GPS Paradigm enables every company to thrive ahead than survive, staying relevant, and ensuring growth in the same breath. I have invariably found start ups across the globe naturally ingrained in the GPS Paradigm mode of doing business. I am amazed at their freewheeling mindset and bold, inventive approach across diverse sectors, including fintech, edtech, healthcare, retail, media & entertainment. Unknowingly, they eat, drink and sleep the GPS Paradigm. Large & mid-sized companies, except a few, are unduly fixated on their day-to-day operations and rarely think beyond their routine businesses.

Let us now discuss each GPS component for M&As in greater depth

Ground Intelligence for M&As

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

– Stephen Hawking

Ground intelligence manifests itself in a variety of ways as part of an M&A transaction, and can be called a part of the due diligence process before, during, and after the deal, other than the routine legal, financial, technical, environmental, and reputational aspects. It implies those facts and information that are essential to the specific transaction, be it in terms of critical data, firm culture, operations to be integrated, potential opportunities, and the like. Ground intelligence is undoubtedly one of the key success factors in an M&A
especially in case of a cross-border transaction which most definitely involves the sensitive issue of integrating differing, and often conflicting, cultures.

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