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Chapter 6: Classic M&A Transactions at a Glance

Here is a snapshot of classic M&A transactions to highlight the fact how tenets of GPS Paradigm were unknowingly applied to these deals.

Dow Chemical – DuPont (Year: 2015, Sector: Science and Innovation)

Purpose: To fuel innovation in agriculture, materials science and specialty products divisions.

The two companies gainfully made up for lost revenues from falling crop and oil prices, competitive pressure, and strengthening US dollar.

The Walt Disney Company – 21st Century Fox (Year: 2019, Sector: Digital Media and Entertainment)

Purpose: To make decisive inroads into the streaming services market in terms of viewer content and global reach.

The expanded Disney portfolio and improved ad sales will help challenge streaming giants like Netflix.

CVS – Aetna (Year: 2018, Sector: Healthcare)

Purpose: To create a value-based healthcare giant, a fine blend of drug manufacture and health insurance.

The deal created more opportunities for integrated care and value-based insurance design. The coordinated retail clinic expansion is likely to boost future cost savings.

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